How long does it take for child to play songs?

To start playing easier songs without help, it takes usually about half a year for children, which is about 20 lessons taken in total.

This is in case when there is one lesson per week and child practises at least 3 hours per week at home too.

What is the good age for child to start with piano?

It depends how fast child develops. Usually good age to start is 7. But some children can start from 5 or 6 when they are ready.

Piano is an instrument which needs certain patience and willingness to focus for periods of time. Teaching piano to a child mainly depends if child has enough attention span to work with instrument at least 15 to 20 minutes in one go.

My child is too young for piano, how can I develop her/his musicality?

Age doesn’t mean that younger children can’t participate in music. Yes, they can, but learning is different.

This should be more playful and on their level. I suggest to find some musical group (for example Monkey Music) where kids sing, dance and play together. It will develop child's musical perception, hearing and rhythm understanding.

Such introduction to music gives good foundation to perceive rhythm and melody and helps to learn more sophisticated instruments in the future.

After this, starting at age 5, your child is more prepared to come and try some piano lessons.

What can I do to make my child more musical?

Increase your child exposure to music:

  • Search youtube for nursery rhymes and listen and sing them together (for example search nursery rhymes)
  • Find concerts and activities for suitable age (for example LSO Families)
  • Join a childrens’ musical group
What are the booking rules?

For regular students who take lessons at least once a week I will guarantee the same weekday and time.

When you want to have irregular lessons or less often than once a week, you need to book each lesson separately and having the same time is subject of availability.

Payment policy

You can pay for your first booking after the lesson.

All the other bookings have to be paid before.

Cancellation policy

A minimum 24 hours of notice is required for cancellation or re-booking.

When lesson is cancelled by client less than 24 hours before the lesson or in case of no-show, client still has to pay full price for the lesson.


When student takes 2 weeks or longer holiday and are not able to attend lesson, the time slot will be open others to choose.

What happens if I am late to lesson?

When you are late to lesson, you may have the lesson cut short & still have to pay for the full time.

I can't attend at my regular time. Do you do replacement lessons?

I do replacement lessons only in one week from lesson time.

This means student can have replacement lesson only in period after previous timeslot time and before next timeslot time.

My official replacement times are Fridays from 6:05 pm, or if there are available times because someone has cancelled, is sick etc.

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