When it is too late to start learning the piano?

Is this too late to start learning something new? Am I too old for that? Maybe this is too complicated?

I’m sure we all have asked these questions many times in our lives. We have many fears and hesitations.

You are frightened that you are too old and that kids are faster in learning and everything comes more easily for them as they are younger. And in one point I have to agree - when children start studying piano, their hand coordination seems to be better.   

There are other good sides when you are a kid. You don’t need to go to work. Your parents are supporting your studies, even if it sometimes means that they force you to practicing.

You attend to school every day, you must do your homework. There is this regular routine and this keeps one in the flow.

But on the other hand, I have noticed, that adults are much better analyzing their playing. Adults get rather easily what, how and why is needed to play the instrument. This means that they advance faster.

They also learn to read music quicker because of their better ability to analyze written information.

When you really want this, it is never too late to start learning something new. This is only your own fear that holds you back. There is no law, neither natural or human made that someone is too old to play a piano.

Here are some points what make learning piano easier, whatever your age is:

You have to have instrument at home

You must have the instrument at home. Like you can’t learn skiing without skis, you can’t start to play the piano without having a piano.

You might take the lessons, but your main improvement happens at home – you and your instrument together.

You can’t learn to play the piano without playing on a piano.

Learning is a serious work – you must practice

Yes, music is fun, yet learning process is serious work too. You must understand, that without practice your skill can’t develop.

This applies to everything we want to achieve in our life - as Albert Einstein told us: “Genius is 1 percent talent and 99 percent of hard work…”.

Without practice your skill can’t develop

You have to be realistic in your expectations

Be realistic in your expectations. You won’t start playing Chopin after 6 months.

When you build your house, you build it block by block. Same way you’ll be building your technical skills too. It takes time and lot of patience, but you get there.

Keep up your motivation

We all feel disappointed when outcome of our learning is not what we expected. Or we expected it earlier than it will happen.

Don’t lose motivation. Enjoy what you have reached so far and keep up with your practice. Hold tightly into this wish inside you that you’ll start to play better.

Believe in yourself!

New human braincells are born until the end of life

The scientists have proved that new human braincells are growing until the end of our lives.

We just have to give them a reason

Give your brain a reason to stay young

There are no miraculously fast methods to learn to play

All the technology is rapidly developing all around us. People want fast and quick solutions for everything.

Every day we are bombarded with mass adverts how quickly and easily are things achievable using some new technology.

But in my opinion, there are no miracles in learning process. There is no lazy man’s way to get good in something.

When you want to be great at anything, you really need to spend some time with it, and the more time you can spend, the better you’ll be.

To be great at anything means a lot of study and practising

When you are over teenage years, your chance to become a concert pianist has probably gone.

There are many things that pianists need to bear in mind, starting from reading music and practicing physical techniques. A good piano player needs to develop aural skills, deepen understanding how to shape musical phrasing, work with tone and texture, and learn how to interpret musical style and character.

I am very happy that we have amazing professional concert pianists and we all have availability to go and listen their brilliant heartwarming performances. Though, not everybody has to be a concert pianist.

Not everybody has to be a concert pianist.

Making music is reachable for everybody, doesn’t matter what your level is. There are always people, who are better than you, but we are not competing, music is meant for enjoyment. Music can brighten our daily life, help to deal with stress in mind.

There is no time too late to start learning the piano. What matters is your own effort only. If you are interested of learning and happy to invest your time in the practice, then you are in a good point to give it a go.

Before starting, you may want to take a time off, go for walks, watch sunset, listen bird’s song, wind whirl, feel the rain ... prepare your mind.

Enjoy beauty around us and be ready for your next challenge.

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